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someone’s building an actual Krusty Krab less than 6 miles from where i live

no really, it’s in construction


it’s coming along nicely


they put up the flags







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try and tell me this isnt the cutest thing ever











this is why I hate white people

Kill it with fire

-_______- If I was white I’d complain that black people have ONE FUCKING MONTH. ONE FUCKING PRESIDENT AND ONE FUCKING CHANNEL. While everything else is mine.

if i were white i’d be able to live life in mediocrity and still complain about how hard it is having oppressed people hate me

This whole thing pisses me the fuck off. If white people had white history month it would be racism. If white people had all white frats and sororities like the blacks do at my college it would be racism. If we had a white entertainment channel it would be racism. But this is all accepted by blacks because why? Please explain that to me. Black people can walk around calling white people crackers or “white girl” and it’s not big deal but if I was to say “black guy” it would be a big issues. Stop playing the victim. If you want equal fucking rights, don’t use your race as a goddamn crutch when something doesn’t go your way.

Finally someone said it.

Does @everythingsanillusi0n even live on this planet? What’s this ‘if’ shit? White history month? All year. Why are we taught about Europeans from 800 years ago, but not, say Colombians from 300 years ago, Koreans from 100 years ago, or Indians from forever? Or rather, why is the only mention of other countries in our history books is when white men “discover” people living there, enslave and murder them, then instill their backward laws on them? That’s white history 365 a year.
And you know, it’s not like being taught white history stops in Feb. No, the only difference is that you’re ALSO being taught the thinnest of the bare minimum about people who built this country, who invented a lot of the conveniences you used today, who took to the street to make laws just. And you think you have the right to whine about? You want to call that racism? Does your bigotry really make you that stupid?
Why are there black Greek houses? Has your pea-brain ever considered the historical and CURRENT situation of white Greek organizations banning, explicitly and implicitly any person of color? Like, do you really think that black universities which were started because WHITE PEOPLE DID NOT WANT BLACK PEOPLE AT THEIR SCHOOLS were just going to wait to have a Greek House when a white person showed up? Are you new? Are you real?
What non-existent problem did you make up in your head for saying ‘black guy’? You think ‘white girl’ is racism? You think [adjective][noun] is racism?  Your poor, delicate feelings. Have you ever had a white girl call you a “Stupid nigger bitch.” for walking down the street, for asking for help, for being at the park with your kids? Have you ever had a white girl come up to assuming your’re the maid, when you’re leaving your mother-in-law’s place or that you’re the nanny when you’re playing with your kids? Have you ever had a white girl ignore you at a shop then fawn over other white girls when they come in? Guess what? THAT’S RACISM? Being called a ‘white girl’ is not racism. 
The benchmark for white bigotry is this, “If we had a white entertainment channel it would be racism.” This marks you as a racist, bigot, myopic, stupid and lazy. You know, the stereotype of the white American. Because no one with brain, no one who can actually think for themselves, no one who has actually seen TV would say that Fox New, the CW, the Hallmark Channel or any of the other 600 available channels which show 99.999999% white people is the same or less than BET. That one channel, most black people I know don’t even watch. 
So, you can be as pissed as you want to be, but you really just hung your ass out there repeating stuff that made no sense to anyone except other racist.

I don’t think some white people realize what racism even is. You not getting a month or a channel or being called a petty name isn’t really racism, when from day one you’re basically treated better. I can’t speak from a black perspective (because I’m not black), but I can from an Asian perspective, which tends to not get any notice most of the time.
Racism is being complimented for my eloquence in speech. Racism is you assuming automatically that I’m good at math. Racism is pulling your eyes back or saying “ching chong” or saying we all look alike. Racism is being asked where I’m from, and saying “you know what I mean” when I respond “I’m from California.” Racism is automatically assuming the size of my genitals or thinking I’ll be subservient to you. Racism is being asked if I’ve eaten cat or dog on more than one occasion. Racism is growing up thinking you’re a freak because you don’t see any representation of your culture in any media portrayal other than maybe Trini from Power Rangers. Racism is not reading a book about Asian culture until the 10th grade (The Good Earth). And ultimately, racism is me adopting your culture and being raised as a white kid (ie a coconut) because it would be the only way for me to survive in YOUR world. 
Why do you need a white history month? To remind you of what you already know and empower you more? Why do you need a white entertainment channel? Are the countless other channels with shows and programs with predominantly all-white casts just not cutting it for you? 
It just seems to me that when white people complain about not getting this, or not getting that, that they fail to realize that the world they live in basically caters to them automatically. I know different cultures face their own problems, and that individual people have their personal strife, but to whine about something like this makes you petty, ignorant, and immature. 


I want everyone to reblog this. I know no one will, because this isn’t a picture of a skinny girl or a deep meaningful quote. This is deeper than everything, how can someone ignore what’s happening in Gaza at the moment. This is one example of many innocent lives being threatened for no reason. This breaks my heart.

Oh yes the fuck y’all do



All my checks will…
bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce.


Seagrams poppin’ in our refrigerator, $5 for 4 bottles and I save ‘em for later. I got: ramen on the left [left], pizza on the right [right], and a free month on netflix so we stay turnt up all night.